Coffee manufacturers

From seed to cup

Café Arabo was founded in 1995 as a family business. In its beginnings, it starts manufacturing coffee capsules in an artisanal and manual way. Thanks to the experience that has given us the experience of our business, we offer the best service to facilitate the business to our customers by providing our knowledge and passion for coffee.

Coffee distributors in different areas

All kinds of supplies, material and accessories to complement coffee in the hotel and catering industry.

We offer a set of flexible services, integrating the highest quality products with the best technology.

Get to know our range of coffees, teas and infusions and start living in a more responsible and ecological way at home.

We are more than coffee suppliers

We advise on the best type of blend for your business, being suppliers of freshly roasted coffee. We distribute coffee for the hotel and catering business and we are also distributors of coffee machines for the hotel and catering business. We train baristas every day in the preparation of the best coffee.

Coffee distributor throughout the process

Are you thinking of opening a catering establishment? Do you want to change your coffee supplier? Do you want to improve the coffee service in your establishment?
In CAFÉ ARABO we provide our customers with all the necessary elements to have a successful business. Providing an integrated service in the world of coffee.

In the restaurant industry, it is very important to offer each customer a quality product that differentiates you from the competition. At Café Arabo, as manufacturers, we have a complete range of coffee beans and complements to find the one you need within its blends, specialty coffees, organic coffees and the rest of complements and cases that complete our range of products. Along with a complete supply of the best equipment in coffee machines, electronic and lever grinders, tableware, decoration and merchandising in our points of sale.
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Discover all about coffee

Learn about the preparation and the processes to which the coffee is subjected.

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