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Chile Delegation Café Arabo

Cerro Portezuelo, Bodega M

9810 Quilicura, Santiago de Chile

Coffee specialists in Chile 

At Café Arabo we have an office in Chile to be able to supply all the companies and businesses in the region. We manufacture and distribute coffee for businesses in the catering sector such as bars, hotels and restaurants, as well as any other company that requires it.

In our extensive catalogue you will find blends of the best coffees, as well as organic and speciality coffees. In addition, in all our points of sale you can buy coffee machines and accessories such as electric and manual grinders, merchandising and much more.

Arabo Coffee Chile

Another feature that makes the difference is that we offer a totally unique and quality product, so that you can offer your customers. In addition, thanks to our Technical Assistance available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, you will always have peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about our headquarters in Chile

At Café Arabo we distribute the best coffee for bars, restaurants, hotels and other catering companies everywhere. We have the most varied range of coffee, so you will find from 100% Arabica coffee to blends, premium coffee, organic coffee, all at an exceptional price.

That’s all there is to it. Café Arabo has a logistics system that allows it to offer all types of coffee to companies in the catering sector, including restaurants located in Chile. Our speed and efficiency precede us.

We serve all kinds of accessories such as grinders, merchandising and tableware, among others, which combine perfectly with our portfolio of coffee products: range of teas and infusions, coffee machines, electric and manual grinders, etc.

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