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Arabo Coffee for hostelry

We accompany those entrepreneurs who open their establishment with the hope of a new project and trust in Café Arabo as a coffee brand.

The Café Arabo range highlights the high quality of all its blends at an affordable price. Depending on the preferences of our customers, we offer four qualities of natural coffees and a range of decaffeinated coffee.

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Busi Café started with Café Arabo in 1995, distributing coffee for the hotel and catering trade to a large part of Catalonia, later extending its business to the rest of Spain and to foreign countries.

We are specialists in coffee for the hotel and catering industry, offering the best quality and service to meet the growing demand for quality and exclusivity in coffee consumption.

Studies show that more than half of the people who enter a bar do so to drink coffee. So setting yourself apart from the crowd to serve the best coffee in your café, bar or restaurant is the quickest way to profit.

Café Arabo in the hospitality industry

Café Arabo and Busi Café’s coffee for the catering trade meets all the expectations of the coffee lover and the entrepreneur who wants to increase his income in his catering business. Offering the highest quality to its customers and caring about provenance, sustainability and exclusive taste. Because serving the best coffee for the hotel and catering industry today guarantees your customers for tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions about coffee beans in the hospitality industry

In general, the average sales of coffee shops are 250 cups per day, depending on their cost per cup and location, this figure may vary.

The average weekday coffee consumption is 3 coffees per day. In Spain, more than 22 million people, i.e. 63% of Spaniards over the age of 15, drink coffee daily.

Coffee consumption is growing every day, increasing by 95% in the last 35 years.

One of the popular trends in recent years has been the consumption of organic coffee.

It is free of agrochemicals and all their toxic effects. It preserves the taste much better and enhances the benefits of coffee. It preserves its nutrients better and provides more antioxidants than conventional coffee.

Café Arabo supplies coffee to cafés, bars and restaurants throughout Spain and internationally.

We are manufacturers and distributors of coffee for the hotel and catering industry with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

You can contact us for advice on what type of coffee your business needs.