Capsule coffee
for the hostlery

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Capsule coffee for the hostelry?

Our capsules are individually packaged, completely sealed and in a modified atmosphere using nitrogen, which prevents rapid oxidation of the coffee, thus keeping it in perfect condition for excellent coffee.
These capsules allow the compaction of the ground coffee and the internal shape of the holder, allowing the water in the coffee to pass through its micro-perforated membrane, filtering the liquid and preventing solid grounds in the cup.
Our coffee capsules for the catering trade are suitable for use in professional capsule coffee machines or professional espresso machines, without the need to change the professional coffee machine in your catering business. All you need to do is attach a holder and showerhead to it, and you can use our 7 gram capsules of ground coffee for excellent coffee in the cup.

Frequently asked questions about coffee in capsules for the hostelry

  • Ground coffee should be consumed fairly quickly so that it does not lose its properties, as once opened it does not ensure the same quality of flavour. Coffee capsules are a good solution for flavour preservation. If you have a chain of restaurants or cafés, the capsules will help you to generate a good brand image, ensuring the same quality in each of the establishments.
  • The volume of coffee you make each day will also help you decide whether capsule coffee is better than bean coffee. Capsule coffee for the hospitality industry is your solution to save time in making coffee without affecting the quality of the coffee flavour.
  • You don’t need to change your traditional catering coffee machine, you just need an adapter to make it compatible with coffee capsules.
  • There is a wide variety of capsule coffee for the hostelry that allows you a wide range of preferences among your customers.

The answer is NO. If you already have a traditional machine, you only need to add an adapter, using the same machine. If you do not have a machine for your bar or restaurant, we will take care of installing the best option for your business.

There are several things to consider. The consumption of the business, because if it does not have a lot of rotation, capsule coffee is a good option. Why? Because it guarantees the same quality in every cup, without losing quality. A coffee bean, once the packet has been ground or opened, has to be consumed fairly quickly.

Another choice I would make for capsules is if your staff are not professional baristas and their fate is not coffee. Capsule coffee doesn’t require a lot of training to get good quality in the cup. This way you ensure the same quality and taste even if the coffee is made by different people or if you have several locations.

The price between coffee in capsules and coffee beans is very similar, they do not have excessive differences, so there are other more important points to evaluate in order to know which is the ideal choice for your business.