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Delegation Mallorca Café Arabo

Calle des s’estadors, nave 1 Local 2’n picafort

07458 Ca’n Picafort, Mallorca, España

Coffee specialists in Mallorca 

We are distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of coffee, in all its varieties.

Contact us to request a quote to buy coffee beans from the most recognised brands on the market for your coffee shop, bar, restaurant, catering establishment or business to serve the most delicious cups of coffee. 

Based in Mahón, we distribute coffee, tea and catering products throughout Mallorca.

Café Arabo Mallorca – Islas Baleares

In our catalogue you will find coffee of the highest quality to offer a differential and unparalleled product to all your customers: organic coffee, specialty coffee, blends, and more. 

In addition, we have a Technical Assistance service so you can rest assured that we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Can you find a better service?

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Frequently Asked Questions about our headquarters in Mallorca

At Café Arabo we distribute the best coffee for bars, restaurants, hotels and other catering businesses everywhere, including Mallorca. Our range of coffee is very varied, so you will find everything from 100% Arabica coffee to blends, premium coffee, organic coffee, all at an exceptional price.

From Café Arabo, we have coffee distributors in the Balearic Islands. Where you can get the best coffee for your bar, cafeteria or restaurant in the area. We can advise you, according to your needs. We have a wide variety of coffee for the catering industry, from 100% Arabica coffee to high quality blends, organic coffee, premium coffee and coffee at the best price.

Of course you can. In all our points of sale you will find the ideal accessories for your coffee machine, as well as other types of complements to make the best infusion. Electric and manual grinders, tableware, merchandising, and much more!

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