Products for the hostelry

We complement your cup with the best sweetener, biscuit or chocolate. Their delicious flavour makes them an irresistible, high-quality accompaniment.

You can find different sweeteners such as cane sugar or organic sugar, among others. In addition, the entire range is presented in individual packaging that guarantees hygiene and the perfect preservation of the product.

You can also find the different cups and cups to take away of our different brands.

Product range for the catering trade


Arabo chocolate biscuit

galleta arabo tradicional

Traditional biscuit

Apple biscuit

Sugar Take away Pelitina

Arabo cane sugar

Arabo white sugar

Got Take away Arabo

Arabo Mug


Hot chocolate Arabo​

Sweetener Arabo

vaso busi con tapa

Glass take away Busi

Mugs Busi Cafè

Mugs KOA

Dark chocolate in a cup

Sweetener Busi Coffee

Busi white sugar

Organic sugar

Traditional biscuit