Coffee for restaurants


Guaranteeing a perfect cup of coffee every time. Café Arabo has always remained true to this idea. Top quality coffees, professional coffee machines and personalised services. An excellent combination for your restaurant that will make the difference for your customers.

café para restaurantes

Coffee and barista coffee machines for restaurants


tazas de café

Personalized attention and technical support for your restaurant business

distribución de café en grano

Wide range of coffee beans for restaurants

distribución de cápsulas de café

Coffee capsules for professional coffee machines for the hospitality industry

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What can we do to make sure your restaurant has the best coffee?

The coffee cup for a restaurant is the ultimate impression of your food and service, which is why we guarantee the best espresso quality to ensure customers have a satisfying experience and keep coming back.

We select our coffees carefully for exceptional quality and the best result in your cup.

We offer a wide range of coffee beans adapted to every type of demand and price, guaranteeing a good profitability for your restaurant.

Frequently asked questions about coffee for restaurants

There is a great variety of types of coffee when it comes to serving them to our customers, but the most requested in restaurants, together with desserts, are the following:

  • Black coffee
  • Cortado
  • Americano
  • Coffee with milk
  • Coffee with liqueur
  • Iced coffee

If you want to know all the varieties of coffee that you can serve in your restaurant, here you can find all the options for serving coffee

Capsule coffee guarantees you the same quality in all cups and the consumption of capsule coffee does not have to be as fast as coffee beans because it does not affect their quality.

It is not necessary to have a barista specialised in coffee to get a good cup of coffee, because the capsule guarantees you the best quality without previous training.

But if your coffee consumption is high, coffee beans can be a good option, since they are a lot of coffee at the moment and preserve all the qualities of the coffee in the final cup that will be served to the customer.

At Busi Grupo, we have a complete service for restaurants, where we accompany them at all times.

We are not only your coffee supplier, we are also your partner in the complete coffee service for your restaurant.

You have several options, you can buy the machine you want and we will serve you the coffee or we can also give you a machine together with the coffee you decide for your restaurant.

We also take care of installation and maintenance, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Ensuring you the best service for your restaurant business.

We serve coffee to all types of restaurants and more: