Coffee for hotels

Coffee Suppliers for Hotels

Guaranteeing a perfect cup of coffee every time. Café Arabo has always remained true to this idea. Top quality coffees, professional coffee machines and personalised services. An excellent combination for your restaurant that will make the difference for your customers.

distribución de café para hoteles

Coffee and coffee machines for hotels


tazas de café

Personalized attention and technical support for your restaurant business

distribución de café en grano

A wide range of coffee in grains for restaurants

distribución de cápsulas de café

Coffee capsules for professional coffee makers in the hostelry industry

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Increase the valuation of your hotel, through a good coffee service.

Coffee plays an important role in any hotel establishment, in all its food or breakfast services.

It is a good opportunity for the customer to improve their experience and stay through the service and consumption of this, making a difference with a quality coffee.

From Café Arabo we offer solutions to provide coffee to hotels, from professional coffee machines for your cafeterias or restaurant, to capsule coffee machines for the hotel rooms.

A comprehensive service to give your customers what they deserve, an excellent service.

Frequently asked questions about coffee in hotels

Making a difference in your services and products will make your clients value your hotel favourably.

Offering quality coffee both in rooms and in the cafeteria or restaurant is a service that cannot be missed.

We recommend offering the customer the option of drinking coffee in their room, which is why we offer compostable coffee capsules that will provide a unique service to your customers.

Obviously, coffee beans for your hotel cafeteria or restaurant are a must. This has to be of excellent quality, which is why we ensure a wide range of coffee ideal for your hotel service.

Soluble coffee may be an option, but it is the least recommended.

At Busi Grupo, we offer professional machines for your hotel service, these ensure a quality coffee, always accompanied by a quality customer service and also a technical service at any time.

We also have capsule coffee machines for rooms and coffee machines for buffets.

We serve coffee to all types of hotels and more businesses such as: