Coffee beans for companies

Coffee beans for offices and companies

We are present in your company or office, supporting teamwork and break times, shared with a good coffee. Whether in vending format or with a coffee corner, we want you to enjoy these moments shared with your team. The Café Arabo range stands out for the high quality of all its blends. Depending on the preferences of our customers, we offer four qualities of natural coffees and a range of decaffeinated coffees.

Arabo Coffee

Coffee with aromas of wood and cocoa. Dense and tasty body. Flavor with neutral acidity, with notes of nuts and cocoa and deep and pleasant aftertaste.

Busi Coffee

It is an aromatic and perfumed premium coffee, with a round and unctuous body. Persistent aftertaste with hints of fruit and medium acidity. Smooth, sweet and fruity flavor. A perfect combination for fine palates.

Busi Coffee - KOA - 100% ecological

A natural roasted coffee from organic farming – CCPAE certified. Very sweet flavor, with hints of chocolate and spices. Medium body, with a moderate finish. An excellent choice of quality and flavor without sacrificing sustainability values.

Busi coffee - Origin coffee

Each bag of coffee, each bag, each bean contains the pure essence of the region where it was grown. The different origins of production bring to the cup sensations and differentiating elements that make them unique. Taste each origin with our best selection.

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