What are biodegradable capsules?

cápsulas de café compostables

The coffee industry is evolving in an effort to make it easier for consumers to recycle individual coffee capsules. If you are looking for a way to reduce the waste resulting from your daily coffee routine, it might be worth switching to recyclable or biodegradable capsules. In the following article we tell you everything you need to know about these types of capsules, what responsible consumption is, as well as the advantages they can offer you.

Biodegradable coffee capsules

reutilizar cápsulas de café

Our addiction to individual coffee pods is not good for the environment, because of the energy required to grow the beans, make the pods, brew the coffee and dispose of the waste. But there is a silver lining: capsules are proving to be a more sustainable way of drinking coffee than almost any other method of coffee preparation.

In recent years, thanks to research and innovation, environmentally friendly capsules made from biodegradable materials have been developed. This makes them compostable, which means that they create minimal waste and therefore we can enjoy our coffee knowing that we are taking care of the environment at the same time.

Biodegradable nespresso system capsules for the home

Biodegradable coffee capsules are usually sold for home consumption. At Café Arabo, we distribute this type of capsules, compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. They are characterised by the fact that they degrade completely in just 3 months, thus helping to protect the environment and preserve the planet.

We also have six different varieties of coffee in compostable capsules so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Responsible coffee consumption

cápsulas de café biodegradables

Responsible consumption is a form of consumption that takes into account the fundamentals of sustainable development. In other words, it is a way of consuming that is beneficial by taking into account 3 different pillars, in no specific order.

Firstly, it benefits the economy, especially the local economy, as it enables trade in goods and services, benefiting the actors involved in these exchanges. Next, it has a positive impact on society, as the products or services purchased are linked to a workforce with fair wages and working conditions and are also positive for the purchasers (on issues such as health). Finally, a responsible consumer also recognizes the impacts associated with the different stages of products (from production, transport and disposal) and tries to buy those that have a lower impact.

But what is responsible consumption in coffee? In a world where consumer trends change overnight, and where consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of respecting and preserving the environment, corporate social and environmental responsibility strategies are gaining power.

So if you consider yourself an ethical person, buying biodegradable coffee capsules from a company with environmentally friendly policies is your best option. Haven’t you tried our compostable coffee capsules for the home yet? Discover our arabica and robusta varieties and you won’t regret it.

Why buy biodegradable coffee capsules?

There are two main advantages. On the one hand, they are products made with the guarantee of a delicious coffee blend. Also, as mentioned above, they have a high degree of sustainability, which means that you can actively participate in reducing the waste that is dumped into the environment every day.

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