What is a latte

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Nowadays coffee has become a very popular beverage, to such an extent that there are many ways to prepare it, one of them is the latte coffee. If you are interested in preparing coffee in a different way for your enjoyment or that of your guests, keep reading as we will explain in this article what a latte coffee is and how you can prepare this delicious drink.

What is a cafe latte?

A latte is a drink made with espresso coffee and steamed milk. Generally, it is prepared with approximately one third of espresso, two thirds of hot milk and one centimeter of foam. However, we can find different variants and all of them are valid.

It is often called latte macchiato, which means “tinted milk” in Italian, due to the fact that it contains a higher percentage of milk than coffee. It is common to confuse latte with cappuccino, but the truth is that it has less foam and is usually served in a taller cup.

Therefore, the main difference between latte and coffee with milk is the method of preparation. Coffee with milk contains more equal amounts of milk and coffee, although this can vary depending on the tastes of each person. There are those who prefer a higher proportion of milk and others who prefer less.

How to prepare a latte

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Preparing a latte is something simple and can be done in a few simple steps. We are going to detail a way to do it below, step by step. However, for those who do not like to read or who are more visual, you can watch the following short video that explains how to prepare a latte.

The steps to be carried out are as follows:

Emulsifying milk with macro foam

First of all, we must obtain milk foam, and for this we must emulsify it.

Preparation of coffee

We could not have a latte without the star ingredient: coffee. That is why we must prepare a good coffee. The important thing is to obtain the liquid coffee and you can prepare it through ground coffee or coffee in capsules.

Incorporate strawberry puree

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Once we have the emulsified milk and the coffee ready, we must find the glass or container in which we are going to serve it and add a little strawberry puree at the bottom of the glass. One or two centimeters will be enough.

Add the macro foam and a little emulsified milk.

We must add the foam that we have prepared previously until we reach ¾ of the glass. Immediately afterwards we will add a little emulsified milk.

Add the load of coffee

Once the previous steps have been completed, we must add the coffee we have prepared in the glass.

Once we have done this, the only thing left to do is to enjoy our delicious latte and/or serve it to our guests.

We hope you have learned how to prepare coffee in this way and that you have been able to enjoy this drink either alone or in company!

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